EFOY Hybrid Power
Fuel cell & lithium battery

Enjoy your freedom with the environmentally friendly and quiet power supply for on the road, whether camping, on the boat, at an event, outdoors or on a road trip. With EFOY fuel cells you are self-sufficient in any weather. Your Freedom. Your Power.


for professional users

EFOY Pro fuel cells are the ideal power generators for a wide range of stationary and mobile industrial applications. They generate electricity reliably for weeks and months without user intervention. The EFOY Pro direct methanol fuel cells are available up to an output of 500 W, depending on power requirements and usage demands.


Mobile and off-grid electricity
for industry, authorities and leisure applications

SFC Energy AG is a leading supplier of direct methanol and hydrogen fuel cells as well as lithium batteries and energy management systems for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions.

The energy solutions from SFC Energy AG, under the EFOY brand, are used worldwide in a variety of applications in different markets. These include the leisure and camping sector, as well as industrial applications such as measuring and early warning stations, traffic and video surveillance systems and as a back-up for telecommunications systems.

With the innovative fuel cell technology developed in-house, SFC Energy has gained a unique technological and market advantage. All fuel cells are developed, tested and produced according to the highest quality standards at the headquarters near Munich.

Environmentally friendly, reliable, quiet, weather independent and self-sufficient for months - power generators and fully integrated energy solutions from SFC Energy provide the perfect self-sufficient power supply.