EFOY Pro fuel cell battery charger – quiet, lightweight, reliable, maintenance-free and remotely controllable

EFOY Pro fuel cells are available in various power classes – they can serve as a battery charger that charges batteries fully automatically and as required. The integrated charge regulator constantly monitors the charge status of 12 or 24 V batteries. If necessary, EFOY Pro can switch itself on automatically and off again once the battery is charged. This means that you not only have a constantly full supply of energy, but your batteries also last much longer, since continuous charging protects them against harmful deep discharging. Power from EFOY fuel cells has proven its ability and value on the market many times over.

Always-available power supplies – usable all year round

Thanks to energy solutions based on EFOY Pro fuel cells, a reliable supply of power is guaranteed even far away from a mains socket. Downtimes and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. And all this in extreme climatic conditions, at any time of year, and even in sub-zero temperatures!